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Introducing our high-performance Dual-Port Compatible Charger, designed to meet all your charging needs with efficiency, safety, and versatility. This advanced charger empowers you to charge two devices simultaneously, offering rapid charging capabilities and a host of safety features.

Dual-Port Functionality: Equipped with two ports, this charger allows you to power up two devices simultaneously. One port features a Type-C USB specifically designed for iPhone 12 charging, while the USB 2.0 port is versatile and compatible with various devices, including earlier iPhone models and other gadgets.

Built-in Safety Features: Experience worry-free charging with built-in safety mechanisms. The charger includes a charge regulator to prevent overcharging, ensuring the safety of your devices while plugged in. Additionally, it supports Quick Charge technology, accelerating the charging process for all your devices compared to standard chargers.

High-Powered Performance: This charger delivers up to 3.0 AMPS of power when plugged into a standard AC outlet of 110V/AC, providing swift and efficient charging for your devices.

Pack Options: Available in convenient packs of 2, you can choose between sleek Black or pristine White chargers, catering to your style and preferences.

Ensure your devices are always charged and ready for action with our Dual-Port Compatible Charger. Experience fast