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Immerse Yourself in Unmatched 3D Entertainment with DLP Active Shutter 3D Glasses

Experience movies like never before with our DLP Active Shutter 3D Glasses, designed to revolutionize your cinematic journey. Elevate your visual experience and dive into the captivating world of 3D entertainment with unrivaled clarity and comfort.

Key Features:

  • True 3D Experience: Enjoy a groundbreaking 3D viewing experience that takes your favorite movies to new heights, offering immersive visuals that transcend the conventional.

  • Projector Compatibility: Tailored for DLP projectors like UFO U90, U70, U50, U30, R19, R15, P12, enabling you to witness vivid and lifelike 3D projections.

  • Energy-Efficient Design: Features an auto power-off function and a built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, ensuring long-lasting usage and energy efficiency.

  • Convenience Redefined: With a user-friendly single-button operation and Micro-USB rechargeability, these glasses offer ease of use and convenience for extended entertainment sessions.

  • Comfortable & Stylish: Boasting a lightweight and sleek design crafted from ABS + PC materials, these glasses prioritize comfort, style, and environmental consciousness.

  • High-Quality Optics: High-speed response liquid crystal lenses ensure exceptional visual quality, preventing eye strain and providing a clear, blur-free experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours
  • Continuous Use: Up to 50 hours per charge
  • Field Frequency: 96Hz-144Hz
  • Transmittance: 38%±2%
  • Not compatible with TV 3D

Usage Guide:

  • Ensure the glasses are fully charged.
  • Use the supported DLP projector to play 3D film sources in formats like left and right, top and bottom, or Blu-ray 3D.
  • Press the button on the 3D glasses to activate them.
  • Adjust the angle of view by pressing the button to switch between left and right angles, providing personalized viewing comfort.

Note: These DLP-LINK shutter 3D glasses exclusively support DLP projectors, specifically designed for an immersive 3D movie experience, not compatible with television sets or other equipment.

Transform your cinematic escapades with our DLP Active Shutter 3D Glasses, delivering unparalleled 3D entertainment that captivates, delights, and redefines your movie-watching experience.

3D Glass for DLP 3D Projector UFO U50 P12 R19 DLP-Link Active Shutter

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