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Provide a platform that allows open-minded and motivated individuals to conveniently build a network for collaborative action which will lead to professional growth and further development of our community and beyond.

  What We Do:

At The Ark Network Group, we believe that productivity and development are maximized through the collaboration of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. We hope to empower our members by connecting them to business development resources, and provide a convenient way for consumers to be exposed to businesses in their community and around the world. In order to promote a sense of community among our users, members are entitled to exclusive discounts on all goods and services featured on this site.


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The driving force behind the Ark Network Group was the idea that modern day technology could provide a unique and convenient way for the community to come together. With our platform, we hope to inspire engagement, building productive relationships that spark new ideas.

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Open Mindedness

We believe that an open mind is more receptive to new, diverse concepts and therefore more susceptible to growth and development. We hope to attract members to our site who are not only hoping to share their life’s work with others, but who are open to understanding and appreciating the work of another. 

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Professional Growth

No one should be forced to build a business from the ground up alone, and if you are able to do so you still need to be connected with consumers to be successful. We hope to provide an opportunity for the growth of not only your business, but your personal growth as well. 

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Community Development

At the core of all our values is the goal of bettering our community and the lives of the people who make it up. Achieving professional growth through collaboration and open-mindedness will ultimately lead to economic and personal growth in our communities. 

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