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About Selling on The Ark

Why sell your products on the Ark

To grow your business network. 

To get more exposure for your business and products. 

To be a part of a community/team that cares about your success and your brand.

How to sell on the Ark

Sign up for one of the membership plans.

Submit your company information to the link below. 

Get Approved. 

Send your product pictures to the Ark Network Group photo department ( 

Set up your payment type (how would you like to get paid for your products). 

Set up notifications.

How will customers get my product

You'll directly ship your product to the customer once you are notified by the Ark Network Group that you have a sell to for-feel, The Ark Network Group will provide you with all the shipping information and additional information about the customer. (You will get this information via text or via email depending on which notification you signed up for. 

When do I get paid

All Ark members that ship out products will be paid within 48 hours by providing proof of shipment by providing the tracking number and receipt of shipment to the Ark Network Group finance department. (

How do I get paid

Currently the Ark Network Group accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo and Any Bank in The United States of America (Only select one).

What happens if your company is not approved immediately 

The Ark Network Group is here to work with all businesses. If your company gets disapprove by the Ark, one of the Ark networking managers will reach out to you personally and allow you to know why your company wasn’t approved immediately, that networking manager will work with you to get you approved and up to code for the Ark. No business left behind.

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